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A Message From Chris Cipollina - Account Representative / Aquatic Biologist

" I visited the pond at Georgetown East today that had been recently planted on 11/7/19 to check on how these bare-root plants are doing.

I am pleased to say that these plants appear in great health, and are anticipated to continue to establish, mature, and spread along the perimeter of the site. We will continue to monitor these, and will complete another inspection around ~February 7th (90-days) to determine the survival rate of this planting to ensure that this meets our 80% survival warranty.

Here are photos from today's visit, which depicts the Gulf Spikerush, Duck Potato, and Pickerelweed that were installed. Some of these plants are still below the surface of the water, which is normal as we await them to mature, grow, and flower. Also, it is common for the leaves on these newly installed plants to brown and fall off. This occurs prior to new foliage growing in, and should not raise concern at these early stages of the installation. "

Georgetown East HOA Community Information

Welcome to Georgetown East HOA! We’re glad you are here. Georgetown is a unique single-family home community in Safety Harbor, Florida. From our zero lot line homes to being a neighborhood of friends, we love the charm of our architectural design and the green space within Georgetown. We are pet friendly and people friendly. We hope you will enjoy living here as much as we do! Again, welcome!

To help maintain the unique charm of Georgetown EAST HOA we are guided by our Association documents. If you have not received a copy of the HOA documents from your seller, they are posted on our website (www.georgetowneast.com) or please reach out to our management company, AMERI-TECH Property Management, Inc. at 727-726-8000 to request a copy.

In addition to the Association documents we have neighborhood Guidelines based on our documents. These are more of the day to day neighborhood basics. To help provide more clarity we have put this outline together. Again, if you have any questions please reach out to the Board or our Property Manager, David Fedash at Ameriprise, dfedash@ameritechmail.com

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